Traditional Metal Braces

The most common choice for orthodontic treatment is traditional metal braces. These braces, crafted from superior stainless steel, have evolved to be more wearer-friendly than ever. The system uses metal brackets connected by archwires to gradually guide teeth into alignment. For those looking to add a splash of personality to their orthodontic journey, there’s the option to accessorize with a rainbow of elastic band colors.

Clear Ceramic Braces

For those seeking a more understated orthodontic solution, clear ceramic braces offer a discreet alternative. Their construction from transparent materials renders them less noticeable, making them a favorite among adults and older teens who are more conscious about their appearance. Despite their aesthetic advantage, they demand diligent oral hygiene as their size and fragility are greater compared to their metal counterparts. Typically preferred for the upper front teeth, they blend seamlessly with your natural smile.

Clear Aligners

Innovative clear aligners, popularized by brands like Invisalign®, present a virtually invisible method to straighten teeth. These custom-fitted, removable trays are designed for comfort and flexibility, allowing patients to enjoy food and drink without restrictions and maintain their dental hygiene with ease. Free of any harsh metal components, clear aligners offer a smooth experience throughout the orthodontic treatment process.

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  • “From the moment you enter the office, you get a pleasant and relaxed feeling from the friendly and efficient office staff. Their wonderful smiles always put me at ease. Dr. Boucher’s gentle expertise and professional care extends to his very knowledgeable and confident support staff.”

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  • “Love, love, love this practice! Not only do my children receive top-notch ortho treatment, but the staff is exceptional. As someone who works in the dental field and sees patients from all over Chester County, I know that Boucher Orthodontics is second to none!”

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  • “We couldn’t be more pleased with Dr. Boucher and his team. Dr. Boucher is an exceptional orthodontist, with an incredible depth and scope of orthodontics. He gives his patients a functionally sound as well as beautiful smile. From the friendly and accommodating staff at the front desk to the talented, friendly clinical staff, it is always a great visit to his office!”

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