Contact Dr. Boucher at (215) 450-4715 or (610) 525-4494 for emergencies. For severe pain or unmanageable appliance issues, call our office. Minor problems may be temporarily solvable at home; remove any loose parts and bring them to your appointment. Apply wax for relief from poking braces and use pliers to adjust shifted wires. Still, ensure you inform us quickly for a proper resolution.


General Soreness

After braces placement, expect general mouth soreness and tender teeth for several days. Manage discomfort with a soft diet and warm salt-water rinses. Acetaminophen can help with severe pain. Refrain from using Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and Naproxen to avoid slowing tooth movement.


Headgear Instructions

Discomfort from headgear is often due to incorrect use. Adhere to our provided instructions and wear it as prescribed. Call us if the facebow is bent. Proper and consistent wear reduces discomfort.


Loose Appliance

Apply wax to any poking parts of a loose appliance.



Loose Bracket

If a bracket or band is still attached to the wire, leave it in place and use wax if needed. If it’s removable, bring it in an envelope to your next appointment.



Try to reposition a loose wire with tweezers or pliers. If uncomfortable, and wax doesn’t help, you may clip the wire behind the last secure tooth with a nail clipper. Cover sharp ends with wax.


Poking Wire

Push down the poking wire with a pencil eraser or apply orthodontic wax to mitigate the irritation.

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